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Proudly Serving Santa Rosa, CA

Skin Care by Sharlyn Dado offers a friendly comfortable atmosphere and professional waxing experience to help you get the perfect look. I understand that waxing can be an intimidating experience, thus your comfort and modesty are MY  Number One Priority. Your hair will be gently removed quickly and with minimal discomfort. You will leave happy with great looking, silky-soft skin.  I use both soft  and hard wax.  Soft wax is used mainly in delicate areas of the face and bikini area.

Wax sticks are NEVER double dipped back into the wax. New sticks are used throughout the waxing session.

All waxing services include: pre-cleanse and post-wax calming/soothing essential oil. 

Lip: $10

Eyebrow: $25 (includes tweezing if necessary)

Chin: $15

Lip/Brow/Chin: $35

Full Face: $50

Nose and ears: $10 each

Full Arms: $45

Under Arms: $25 

(Back) for Men: $75 (down to lower lumbar region, off the shoulders to blend, back of neck up to hair line)

Full Frontal  for Men: $75 (from pelvis, above the belt line, up to neck region)

Bikini: $35

Bikini & Beyond (includes tummy) $50

Lower Half Leg: $40

Full Leg: $70

Full Leg & Bikini: $100

I do not offer Brazilian waxing services, I  can refer you to someone who does, just ask. 

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Following these recommendations will avoid any (lifting) of the skin,  I'm sure you've heard of it happening to someone,  that someone doesn't  have to be you.  NO, "brow/bikini wax, gone bad" here!!!
 Please take the time to review.
  • STOP using Acutane 6 months-1 Year, prior to waxing. I will evaluate your skin to determine if it's safe to wax, as to avoid lifting of the skin. Tweezing is ok.
  • Medications:  If you are using any prescription medications,  PLEASE be sure to inform me before booking or receiving a waxing appointment. There will be an intake history waiver form for to you complete prior to your first waxing appointment. 
  • Use Caution With and Avoid 2 Weeks Prior. Acne ingredients not listed above; Alpha Hydroxy Acids, (Glycolic, Lactic, Salicylic Acid) Chemical Peels.
  • No waxing will be performed if,  you're going through Radiation, Chemotherapy or using Cancer Medications. 
  • Hair growth must be a minimum of 1/4 inch in length to ensure all the hair comes out by the roots.
  • Exfoliate your skin 24-48 hours prior to your waxing appointment with a gentle  loofah or exfoliating body scrub, this will gently eliminate skin cells that may be covering the hair and preventing the hair from coming up to the surface for waxing.  
  • Avoid waxing services during your menses cycle. Unless you have a high pain tolerance. Always  wear a tampon when you're having waxing while on your menses. 
  • Please clean your Yoni, prior to your Bikini Wax. 
  • Following these recommendations will avoid any potential mishaps and make your waxing appointment a positive experience. 

I have been going to Sharlyn for twenty years. I guess that speaks for itself as a great review! She is very professional and her salon is beautiful and spotlessly clean. I would recommend her to anyone and the people I have sent there have loved it. If there were more than five stars I would give them.”

– Arrow O

“A slice of heaven awaits you at Skin Care by Sharlyn Dado. Go to Sharlyn for the best facial of your life! She is by far the best Esthetician I have ever experienced. I have been seeing Sharlyn regularly for over 10 years and my skin has never felt better! If you want to feel refreshed, revived, and rejuvenated go have a facial by Sharlyn. She is truly gifted and I recommend her to all my friends.”

– Sue R