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Facials and Skincare Services in Santa Rosa, CA.

Skin Care by Sharlyn Dado proudly offers mindful products that are of the highest quality and contain the following elements:

  • GMO Free
  • Plant Botanical/Natural
  • Human Growth Factor Enriched Conditioned Media
  •  Paraben Free
  • Vegan
  • Gluten Free
  • Organic

  • Oncology Approved for cancer patients.
  • Liposome Delivery, in the form of Phosphatidylcholine

  • Science Based
  • Vit A, Retinaldehyde
  • Never tested on animals
  • LeapingBunny.org  Approved.
  • 100% non toxic

 Holistic Skin Care Therapies

My Holistic Skin Care Philosophy:

The Holistic Approach: Working in partnership with the skin. Picking the right target.

  In my consultations we discuss and focus on addressing the source of your unique skin condition. This is where "holistic therapies rooted in science" was born. Understanding that healing the body as a whole is the connection between the skin and the other organs as well as the immune system health. Our bodies operate as one unit and it is not efficient or effective to damage or interfere with one aspect of the cellular health in order to make gains elsewhere. Facials therapies are also about balancing and relaxing the nervous system. With this in mind, I invite you to sink deep into your unique inner peace during your facial therapy sessions, this will promote a feeling of deep rest and relaxation, improving your over all mood and health.
~Healthy Skin Starts Within~

Here at Skin Care by Sharlyn Dado, the small yet refined menu of facial services offered are meticulously selected and customized to your specific skin care needs at the time of your facial therapy session.  You will receive a comprehensive skin evaluation.  Please allow  30 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment for your skin consultation.


All Facial therapy sessions include, extractions (if necessary), enzymes, steam and or compressing, skin specific modalities and specialized tools of the trade, customized serum infusion, finishing mask.

$80 (Teen Petite Facial Therapy)  45 min- 1 hour

$95 (Mini Facial Therapy) 1 hour-1 15 min                                             *These are approximate times that may vary depending on what your skin needs.

$130 (Complete Facial Therapy)  includes massage.  1  1/2 - 2 hours

$150 ( Vitamin Infusion Therapy) See below.  1  1/2 hour- 2 hours

* Due to the higher percentage actives of Vit A, Retinaldehyde, at 2.5%, it's recommended to use, Osmosis Vit A Serum 30 days prior to having a Vitamin Infusion Therapy Facial. (No Exceptions)

* Vit A serum "Calm"  can be purchased in advance for $80, see shopping cart.

* A 10% discount on the "cost of the product purchased" will be applied at the first scheduled "Vitamin Infusion Therapy" Session, after- the initial 30 day home care Vitamin A usage has been achieved, baring any unforeseen complications.

Extra Add-On:
$20 ( Bio-energetic Masks) Add-on to any facial. Add 15 minutes to your facial time for this mask.  These Masks are Bio-energetic, active & natural ingredients formulated with seaweed extracts, algae, green tea, aloe, oats, oranges, flax, fennel, kiwi, poppy seeds, goji, soybeans.  These luxurious finishing masks offer a variety of favorable benefits; Soothing, Calming, Hydrating, Nourishing, Firming, Collagen & Elastin stimulating.

$50 (Skin Care Consultations), includes a full home care recommendation breakdown. *This is only for those who want an evaluation without a service.. 


Facial Therapies are more than just your average facial, they are skin care rituals customized and mindfully created ~just for you~  Addressing the root level cause of your specific skin type & condition, taking into consideration seasonal allergies, hormonal factors and various sensitivities and your overall well being, which will result in a skin re-balancing.   A result driven luxurious and pampering  facial, which will  help to relieve the impact of daily stress form your face.  Your skin  will be revitalized, your spirit energized, your mind and whole body will feel amazingly relaxed.  

One very important aspect of my skin care therapies involves whats called, "Dermal Remodeling" utilizing internal and external holistic and natural wellness products, combining old school and modern equipment modalities, auravedic and chinese  facial tools, holistic & science based, all natural, healthy ingredients and proven holistic skin care methods that allows for immediate recognition, absorption and bioavailabity into the deeper skin tissue. This is the newest and most advanced approach to caring for the skin, because it is based on inherently understanding the true science of skin histology. Relaxing, rejuvenating, whole body nervous system balancing. No force. No injury. No Harm.

Offering effective healthy alternative skin therapies for the following skin conditions:

  • Acne
  • Eczema
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Hyper Sensitivity
  • Melasma
  • Oncology Esthetics-Cancer patients who have compromised sensitive skin
  • Premature aging
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Post Surgical Scars
  • Rosacea
  •  Trauma from invasive facial procedures such as, chemical peels, lasers, microdermabrasion
  • Overall wellness and maintenance for all skin types

 Aesthetic Devices Used In Facial Therapy Sessions;    Advanced esthetic modalities "may be" used as needed to better enhance facial therapy session's efficiency. (this is included in the price of all facials) 
No additional fees.

Epidermal Infusion Pen

Epidermal Infusion Pen/Vitamin Infusion Therapy
This Non invasive devise enhances product absorption to create visible and instant results, encouraging more efficient and direct absorption of vitamin rich serums  for optimal skin restoration.  Safe, Comfortable,  Minimal to No Painful  or Sensitive feelings during the procedure.
No injury, No Down Time, No Unhappy Healing. 
30-day collagen synthesis uptake
Painless nutrition importing/Infusion
Increased hydration and moisturization
Improvement in over all skin texture
Reduction in pore size
Softens and improves depth of wrinkles
Softens frown lines, crows feet
Helps to aid in minimizing the appearance of acne scars
Minimizes the appearance of age spots
Softens smile Lines
Lightens skin tone and hyperpigmentation

High Frequency

Violet (argon gas) electrodes use a  small amount of ultra-violet light which is emitted when the violet electrodes make contact with the skin. Such a brief and low level UV light exposure is considered safe and provides excellent  healing benefits which include the following:

  • Reduction of puffiness and Inflammation
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Soothing & Calming
  • Healing 

Galvanic Current:

Iontophoresis therapy. These positive and negative ions act like a magnet on top of the skin's surface, and will slowly push the product/actives down into the deeper layers of the skin within seconds, and the direct currents also firm, tones and lightens the skin during the session. The galvanic hand piece is used to direct a galvanic current of ions directly into the skin.

The galvanic therapy uses very low frequency impulses. The electricity triggers cellular turnover so that any damage tissue can repair and heal quickly.

  • Aids in softening the appearance of superficial scars
  • Aids in Healing acne scars
  • Cleans and clears complexion 

  • Reduces puffy under eye bags or the appearance of dark circles
  • Softens fine lines and wrinkles
  • Aids in deeper product penetration

Ultra Sonic:

Non-invasive, these  vibrational frequency waves are a safe approach to exfoliation. It's ultrasonic exfoliation which works by creating high speed oscillation to gently exfoliate and rejuvenate the skin, which in turn encourages brand new healthy cell turnover and regeneration. It expedites dermal cellular turnover without causing any peeling or inflammation to the skin. You will notice a difference after the first session. This rapid safe and gentle exfoliation (No epidermal peeling) preserves the health and integrity of the epidermal barrier and is highly effective safe exfoliation. It also aids in increased hydration and decreases hyperpigmentation.

LED Light Therapy:

Just like plants, our skin and other body tissues have the ability to absorb light and convert it into energy. While plants can safely absorb light from the sun, the sun emits harmful UV rays that can do more damage to our skin than good. LED uses LED light therapy to deliver light energy in a similar way plants absorb light energy from the sun. LED emits UV-free, beneficial light rays that energize cells and stimulate the body's natural process to build new proteins and regenerate cells. LED uses different wavelengths, or colors, of light. When this beneficial light is applied directly to the skin it helps to increase collagen, elastin production, reduce inflammation, speed healing, increase circulation, and destroy acne bacteria.

“I have been seeing Sharlyn for 25 years doing facials regularly. Her work is meticulous

and the integrity is of the highest I have ever experienced. She is truly a wise and knowledgeable woman and knows how to take care of your skin. A five star experience for sure!

– Liz N.