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Hi, I'm Sharlyn, and I am happy that you are here!

I'm a Esthetician, Holistic Skin Specialist. I offer Holistic Facial Therapies.

I believe we live by intuitive connection,  authenticity and by nurturing soulful connections.

With today's focus on external and socially constructed ideas of what beauty truly represents, may be what has brought you here to my website.

It's my passion to provide mindful and effective skin care rituals, to enrich a beautiful healthy life.

I am committed to helping guide you in achieving the connection between your skins health and the whole-body relationship, which will vibrantly reflect an outer glowing appearance and enhance every aspect of your skins over all health and inner wellness. 

Incorporating healthy nutrition, mindful movement, and adequate hydration, will enhance your skins health, so that you can embody your greatest self.

With a little help from science, purest effective ingredients and intuitive intentions, you can achieve your skin care goals.

I'm looking forward to earning your trust.

~Healthy Skin Starts Within~

Sharlyn's Skin Care Journey~

Sharlyn began her esthetician career over 30 years ago having gained her Esthetician License at  Redwood Empire Esthetics Beauty School, and also obtaining a separate manicuring license, as well as completing numerous clinical and holistic skin care related training certifications.  Most recently, she completed her Holistic Skin Specialist certification with Osmosis Skincare, and is currently in the process of obtaining a certification for Oncology Esthetics, so she can effectively  help aid in caring for cancer patients with compromised sensitive skin conditions.

  Sharlyn's interest in skincare was prompted by her not- so- good experience with having full blown grade 5 acne, starting when she was a teenager and continued during her early 20s, at that time she was involved with the modeling industry.

 In her 20s, Sharlyn stared working in the high end cosmetics department stores as a cosmetic counter manager/esthetician for 15 years for numerous skin care companies, a couple being, Lancome, and as the lead esthetician/manager for the prestigious Adrian Arpel  Skincare Spa, performing hands-on facials, consultations and makeup application, which gained her first hand in- depth knowledge and insight about "traditional" not so effective, over- the- counter skincare products.

 ~When You Know Better, You Do Better~

Since then, Sharlyn has been proudly offering luxurious and innovative, Advanced Holistic Facial Therapies services, to an  appreciative clientele  in her skin care studio, located on 4 th Street in Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA. 

Sharlyn utilizes advanced science based, holistic skin care ingredients, combining progressive modern equipment devises, specialized facial, neck and decollote  massage, ayurveda meridian facial massage tools, also incorporating  old- school chinese gua sha stone techniques, and various unique and intuitive skin care rituals.
 You will feel completely relaxed, mind, body & spirit will look and feel rejuvenated and your skin will be glowing from the inside out.  

Sharlyn is the best when it comes to skin care. I have been going for many years and will continue as long as she is around. I always feel pampered and cared for when I'm with her. My skin has never looked better and I know Sharlyn stays on top of the most current skin care treatments so that her clients always have the leading edge of skin care technology at their fingertips. 

– Lauretta H

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