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Hi, I'm Sharlyn~

Sharlyn's Skin Care Journey~

Sharlyn began her Esthetician career over 30 years ago having completed her certification at  Redwood Empire Esthetics Beauty School, obtaining her Esthetician and separate Manicuring license, as well as completing numerous clinical and holistic  skin care related training courses, most recently she completed her Holistic Skin Specialist certification.

  Sharlyn has been proudly offering luxurious healing Advanced Holistic Facial Therapies services to an  appreciative  clientele for the  Santa Rosa, Sonoma County, CA community.  

Sharlyn's focus is on Advanced Holistic Facial Therapies, which reflects her 3 decades of  hands-on experience. 

"I enjoy attending post graduate training classes on a regular basis to keep current with my industries various  holistic skin care technology advancements, in combination with ancient traditional Chinese and Auravedic skin care philosophies, techniques, and incorporating, blending a combination of those techniques for my clients facial therapies and skin care rituals experience. 

Sharlyn's  Skin Care Philosophy is, The Holistic Approach.

Working in partnership with the skin. Picking the right target. 
During your consultation prior to your Facial Therapies Session, we discuss  and focus on addressing the source of your unique skin condition. This is where "holistic therapies rooted in science" was born.
Understanding that healing the body as a whole is the connection between the skin and the other organs as well as immune and nervous system health. Our bodies operate as one unit and it is not efficient or effective to damage or interfere with one aspect of the cellular health in order to make gains elsewhere.
 With the Holistic Approach philosophy in mind, Sharlyn offers, non injury based methods, internal and external specialized advanced  bioavailabity wellness  products and internal nutraceutical supplements (a food containing health-giving ingredients and having medicinal benefits),  which are holistic healthy & science based,  this will round out the whole-body-skin connection, while  healing the skin from the inside and the outside,  never wounding,  injury based, or sensitized unhappy healing, your body and skin  will be inspired to repair and rejuvenate itself, resulting in happy healthy skin.  Permanent gains, not just a quick fix now approach. 
Sharlyn utilizes advanced holistic healthy skin care ingredients, unique facial massage, modern equipment devises, also incorporating innovative  ayurveda stones/tools, guasha, celedon meridian facial massage techniques which will help aid in the whole-body balancing, facial toning, facilitation of minimizing fluid  retention and stagnant lymph fluid, soothing and calming facial tension, softening fine lines, overall stress reduction.  You will feel completely relaxed, your skin will look and feel rejuvenated and you will be glowing from the inside out.
~Healthy Skin Starts Within~

Having worked in the high end cosmetics department stores as a cosmetic counter manager/esthetician, for 0ver 15 years and providing in-store salon facials and skin care advise within a department store setting, has also helped Sharlyn gain better  knowledge and insight about traditional over-the-counter skin care products being sold to the masses, with minimal active ingredients, which do not encourage significant long term healthy improvement to the skin, in comparison to the advancements within the professional  holistic and science based skin care  products she  is trained to use in her facial studio. as well as the healthy alternative recommended home care rituals  she shares with her clients.

  "Having previously worked in the high end department store cosmetics industry for over 15 years, and having experienced severe acne as a young teenager, I knew I could do more to help people who experience various frustrating skin conditions, for which  I've learned, the department store over-the-counter products, ingredients, would not contribute to long term healthy healing of those complex skin disorders".

"Once you know better, you do better".


Sharlyn is the best when it comes to skin care. I have been going for many years and will continue as long as she is around. I always feel pampered and cared for when I'm with her. My skin has never looked better and I know Sharlyn stays on top of the most current skin care treatments so that her clients always have the leading edge of skin care technology at their fingertips.” 

– Lauretta H

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