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Sharlyn Dado began her Esthetician career over 25 years ago after attending Napa Beauty College and Redwood Empire Beauty College and obtaining her Esthetician license. Since then, she has specialized in providing high quality facial treatments to an appreciative clientele in her skin care studio on Mendocino Avenue in Santa Rosa, California.

 Skin Care is one of my passions in life, it's what I do best.
I love being an Esthetician, helping people, making my client's feel pampered, providing a unique, innovative and relaxing facial experience. I am often told I have magical relaxing energy, touch and silky soft hands.
I use innovative products and seek out effective solutions that are healthy for the long term, not just a "quick fix, gata have it now" approach.
I offer healthy all natural , non toxic internal and external/topical retail products, only the purest ingredients that are the newest in cutting edge technology. These specialized products and modalities will aid in healing and addressing the "root cause" of your condition, revive and repair DNA damage, rebuild the epidermal barrier and restore nutrition to the cells without causing damage or inflammation.
"Do No Harm" is my approach, based on Corneotherapy. 
See "Product/Science page for more information.

 I personally do not believe in creating an injury to prompt a response for the skin to make the necessary changes it needs to see results, ie chemical peels, microdermabrasion, laser, ipl, fraxel, just to name a few procedures that I do not promote.
It's been my experience over 25 years in this business, these treatments will create unnecessary inflammation ie, causing inflamAGING, premature aging and increased sensitivity to the environment, sun sensitivity, increased hyperpigmentation, thinning of the skin/epidermal barrier, enlarged, distended and broken capillaries, less tolerant of products and the epidermis/skin's ability to tolerate facial waxing without the skin lifting, the list goes on.
See Chronic Exfoliation page.
I've seen the damage done from these types of procedures and treatments first hand, you will receive controversial opinion's on this topic, however, I do respect my client's decisions and will support you through the process because I also know I need to work with people who make those other alternative choices.
 I will respect the decisions you choose to make along with providing you with as much accurate fact based information, as well as your Doctor's advice.  I am in the loop with several Derm's, Doc's and  RN's, I know when to refer out to a professional when something is beyond my scope of practice and I have an excellent network of professionals whom I trust to guide you through your process if you so choose to go that route.
I service clients who come to me for help in "repairing the damage" that has been done from having had some of these types of treatments. I am responsible for what I know and there is no going back to the "old outdated" way of helping people resolve their skin issues. The Genie is out of the bottle and I can't put her back inside.
I proudly support and represent the healthy, non toxic, non invasive wellness side of the skin care industry.

In addition, I believe what you put in your body is a very important in determining the outcome of your particular skin condition, medications, hormones, allergies, diet, hereditary, there are so many factors to take into consideration.
I'm also aware we can't all live like monk's, we need to have healthy and realistic goals.

I've spent many years and continue to invest countless hours doing research, product testing, ingredient deck understanding, learning the structure of the skin, how the ingredient's chemistry effects the skin, "hands on experience" continuous advanced education classes.  I am honored and blessed to also belong to a few select networking groups and in the loop/connected within my esthetic community amongst some of the pioneer's "heavy hitters" a few thousand nation wide and international educated therapist's, in the beauty biz who support each other and share so much valuable information, it's beyond ridiculous how skin care geeked out we get and I love it, the wealth of knowledge is vast and ever changing, I appreciate all view points and different skin care techniques even if I don't support them within my repertoire of knowledge.
Here I am, still in the game 25 years later and  loving what I do even more.
I am confident to be able to offer and provide the proper products and treatments to successfully help aid in healing  these skin conditions.
Aging, fine lines and wrinkles

One of the reasons I've been successful and love my business is because of the product choices I've made and all the education that goes along with those choices. I've used so many products over the years and I've seen so many companies come and go. Our industry has changed dramatically over the past 5 years for the better, it's simply mind blowing. People use to ask me, "so what's new in the industry" I would reply, "you can only reinvent the skin care wheel so many times", Well, I'm here to testify, it's been reinvented. Advancements have taken place, ingredients are better and more active then ever before.
 With that said, it's a very important balance that needs to take place, I enjoy pampering my clients.
100% of my clientele is through referrals.
I'm not a "chatty type" I believe in allowing my clients to check out, relax and unwind  from their busy life.
Before I start every facial, I ask my clients if they want me to explain what I'm using, doing and why. Most clients like to relax and fall asleep. I'm honored that my client's feel comfortable enough to do so in my space. I know you will too.
I'm dedicated to making sure your experience with me is enjoyable, relaxing and nurturing. 
Thank you for taking the time to visit my website, I would be honored to earn your trust and provide you with the healthiest skin you deserve to have.

                                                         We look forward to hearing from you!
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